How do I view and approve my customer credit applications?

First log in to Nectarine Credit. Under the "Customers" tab on the left side of the screen, you can manage and view all of the companies that you have sent credit applications to. This main customer dashboard is where you can also send out new credit applications using the +New Customer button.

From the main customer dashboard you can sort by each of the column types. So for example, you can sort by Company Name, Credit Limit or even by Status. If you sort the Status column you can quickly see the "Pending" applications that you need to review and then approve or deny credit.

You can view each individual company by clicking on the company or customer you want to view from the main customer dashboard.

Once you're in the customer view, you will see a signed credit application, full company information, including address and email on the right side. Further down you will see company contacts, as well as financial health with bank and credit card balances. Below that section you will see your customer's payment history from other vendors.

Once you've reviewed the credit application, you need to approve or deny them credit using the button at the top of the screen.