Adding bank information to a credit application

As a buyer or credit seeker on Nectarine Credit, you will be asked to import your bank data as part of your credit application. This bank data is necessary for credit managers to assess whether the credit requested matches the available bank balances. By giving sellers your bank details, you are likely to get better credit terms because your suppliers get more accurate information on your ability to pay. It gives your manufacturers and suppliers a better view of your creditworthiness.  

Nectarine Credit uses the highest level of security to keep data private and secure. 

  • Nectarine Credit does not have access to and cannot share bank account numbers, usernames or passwords.
  • You control access to your accounts. Nobody else.
  • All data that is sent is encrypted and we use 128-bit SSL encryption.
  • Our bank integrator has imported millions of transactions for businesses.

There are two ways to import your bank data. The first way is when a credit provider or seller sends you a credit application to complete. As part of that application you'll be asked to integrate your bank.

The second way, is to navigate to Credit Requests on the left side of the screen. Here is where you can view and manage all of the credit applications that you've filled out. Click on the credit provider, or seller's name, to view that particular application. Part-way down the page, you will see a section titled "Financial Health". Here you click on the button titled "+Bank Account". Then follow the prompts to import your business bank data.