Once you've logged in as a Seller or a Credit Provider, then what?

Now that you've logged in to Nectarine Credit as a seller or a credit provider, where do you begin?

The first step is to click on the "Credit Applications" link on the left side of the page to create your credit application. Here you can add customizable fields, and add your credit terms and conditions. The main fields under the first tab, including customer names, address etc, are required of all credit applications. Depending on which plan you're subscribed to, you can add 3, 10 or an unlimited number of customizable fields. In the third field are our boilerplate credit terms. You can use these terms, edit them or add your own. Then be sure to save your credit application.

The next step is to start sending your credit application out to your customers. Start by clicking on the Customers link in the left menu on your screen. Once the Customers page opens up, click on the green button titled "+ New Customer" on the top right side of the page. In the new window, enter your customer's full name, email, phone and company name. Then click the "Send" button and we will email your application directly to your customer.

To add another customer, you can use the same credit application again. Just click on the "+New Customer" button again.

As you add customers, you'll see them start to populate on the main Customers page. The status will begin as "Sent" since you just sent them out to customers. Once your customers have completed and signed their credit application, the status will change to "Pending Approval". Then you can dive into those applications and Approve or Deny your customer credit terms.